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    Our Tour

    On tour we provide your mountain bike and helmet, and water, soft drinks, and snacks. Our air conditioned minibus, and Mitsubishi truck backup vehicles follow the tour to carry anything you don’t want to take on your bike, or if you find you need transport or first aid along the way.
    Whisking you up to the Sacred Agung mountain slopes, we ride downhill on modern mountain bikes, through quiet villages, to the stunning White Sandy Beach.
    On every tour we provide mouth-watering local in season fruit such as pineapple, guava, rambutan, mango, young coconut and other tropical fruits. 
    You are free to stop when you wish along the way to take photos and visit the local people. Our guides will reveal the secrets of daily life of the local farming communities, traditional farming techniques, and of course Bali’s many ceremonies.
    Our trips take around 4 to 8 hours including transport to the start and from the finish, a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the real Bali. 

    A. East Bali Adventure Tour  (all fitness and skill levels)
    Combining gentle cycling with the splendid culture of Bali, this tour is a must for anyone that wants to get out into the countryside and really experience Balinese’s culture and history. A combination of sightseeing and cycling, riding is fairly easy and follows a range of trail types through valleys down to the beach, where you can jump straight into the refreshing ocean. Fully supported by backup vehicle, this tour is very popular with families.Incorporating child-friendly activities, we like to give our guests of all ages a slice of the daily life of local village farmers.  
    Cycling through the tropical ambiance, rainforests, tranquil Balinese villages, exquisite rice terraces, you experience the beauty and culture that is the “Island of the Gods”.

    Tour time = 5 Hours

    B. East Bali Off Beaten Track Down Hill (average fitness and skill).
    This tour really is the best way to discover East part of Bali in a short time. The temples, the villages, Balinese working their farms with love and passion, and the vegetation are worth the trip, but the beauty of this tour is that you get to travel via tropical forest trails and rough foot track trails. 
    Riding down our Holy Mountain to the shore, this tour promises to be one of the memorable activities of your holiday. 
    Designed for people with strong bike riding ability and reasonable fitness, we regret we cannot take children under seven years of age. For those over seven, if you haven’t been on a bike in a while, this tour is not the one to start with!
    Tour time = 6 hours

    C. East Bali Sky Walk + Trails (expert fitness and skill)
    We warm up with a Sky Walk at 900m altitude on the south side of Mount Lempuyang, where you will feel the spirit and the sacred land of the Lempuyang aura, one of the major temples in East Bali. Along our walk we will see lush gardens and plantations of cocoa, clove, bananas, jack fruit, pineapple, coffee, vanilla, guava and beautiful wild orchids. 
    We ride down from the front entrance of Lempuyang temple to Seraya shore, experiencing the harmony and diversity of Balinese life along the way.
    Tour time = 4 Hours



    • Fully serviced mountain bike, helmet and sunblock
    • In season local fruits, water, and lunch or dinner at the beach
    • Pickup at your hotel/villa/bungalow from 7:30am (depend on your location) and return after the ride in an airconditioned minibus
    • Friendly and knowledgeable local guide
    • Approximately 22 to 38 km downhill bike tour starting from the slopes of Mount Agung or Mount Lempuyang (950m to 1200m above sea level), passing beautiful scenery and finishing at the stunning White Sandy Beach.


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